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Hiring the right branding and marketing agency for your needs

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When looking to hire a branding agency for your needs, several factors should come into consideration:

  • Do your homework and be incredibly clear. This involves identifying the right fit, identifying your needs and also setting the goals you wish to achieve.
  • Set appropriate expectations. After reviewing your current brand strength, it is required that you set realistic expectations which you aim to achieve in partnership with the brand strategist hired.
  • Tap into your network. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the best brand strategist is to tap into your network. Rely on other businesses that have enjoyed successful rebranding. Contact the experts behind their success.
  • Start with multiple agencies. At the start, choose multiple agencies and work your way down the list until you find the most appropriate brand strategist for your needs.
  • Compare prices and trust your gut. When choosing, be sure to pick a company you feel most comfortable with.


Questions to ask to measure the strength of your brand


Each brand is expected to have a mission, purpose or goal towards which employees and partners are working. The first line of business is to determine whether or not you have a purpose that your business and employees are working towards. As part of this question, you must also be willing to answer the question of whether or not the purpose which you have set is meaningful to the development of your overall business — whether it inspires the business and whether or not the purpose is contributing meaningfully to the growth of your brand.


Brand positioning is everything that matters and differentiates a thriving business from a crumbling business. You want to make sure that your brand is distinctively positioned in such a way that you are set apart from competitors.

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Do you have a clear brand message?

Your brand message can stand you out from the multitude of competitors in the industry. If you have the right brand message for your products and services, it is much easier to cut through the multitude and get through to potential paying customers faster than others. Without the right brand message that resonates with the public, your business will be one of the multitudes shouting for consumer attention.

Does your brand have a corporate narrative?

It’s all about the storyline when it comes to the corporate narrative. First, does your brand have a corporate narrative? Then does the corporate narrative fit your brand and does it complement your brand message? A disjointed corporate narrative or lack of one may be just the reason you are lagging behind and unable to convert more customers.

If you find that your brand is lacking in the areas of brand strategy, logo or visual brand identity, brand vision, and/or marketing strategies, there is a need to reach out to the experts who can provide valuable solutions that can take your company from its present position to the forefront of the industry you are in.

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Brand voice is one of the most important aspects of your brand strategy. Finding the right brand voice can help your business get heard more. By choosing a clear cut and applicable brand voice, you are exposing your consumers and target audience to a voice they are familiar with and one they can identify from miles away.


Your company’s visual brand identity stands it out from the multitude. Do you have one? How effective is your brand’s visual identity? Does your brand identity command respect? What is your brand identity associated with? All these and many more questions need to be answered to start on a journey to brand success.


Choosing the right category for your brand can put you ahead of competitors or put you behind them. It is important to note whether your brand is aptly categorized for the present and future market conditions.


If your company has a brand promise, you may be on the way to the top. However, the measure of how compelling the brand promise is will be reflected in your ability to captivate the attention of consumers and guide them to make the decision that most favors your business and brand. Your brand promise to shareholders, executives, consumers, employees, and others should be one that is relatable and pregnant with colorful results.