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Importance of SEO During COVID-19

Coronavirus has changed businesses and people forever. As a business you are required to find a way to adapt and grow with the changes to succeed. One thing that has been discovered is the importance of a good internet marketing and local SEO plan.

Why should businesses care about SEO during coronavirus?

As companies work to remain relevant for their target customers throughout this pandemic, maintaining a strong digital presence through SEO and social media will be one of the most important steps they take. As brick and mortar stores continue to find themselves forced to close or limit hours, digital advertising and ecommerce has become more important than ever. Customers are also increasingly shifting their buying activity towards online options, and brands need to be present for these consumers.

Suggestions for thriving with SEO and internet marketing

Build a solid foundation

No amount of quick tips or hacks are going to work if you don’t have a solid digital foundation. What does this mean? You should have a responsively designed website, appropriate social media pages , and a complete and updated Google Business Listing.

Create targeted content to attract new customers

As consumers turn to online resources to conduct their shopping, brands will want to create targeted content to attract new potential customers to their site. As you engage with your customers, learn more about their interests and concerns during this time of social distancing and isolation. Develop material that will allow you interest and engage them. The information you learn now can be vital as the economy adapts and changes.

Maintain relevant ads

Your PPC campaigns can help you engage customers by maintaining a strong brand presence for high-competition keywords and ensure that your brand draws attention for timely search terms. Make sure your ads are updated and that you aren’t wasting money on services you’re no longer able to provide.

Connect with buyers across multiple channels

To maintain a strong presence with your customers, you will also need to think about how to engage them across multiple platforms, including organic, paid, and email. Your organic strategy should include the targeted content discussed above to help you get your business out in front of existing and new potential customers who engage with content online.

Continuing to use paid ad strategies will then help you maintain a strong presence for targeted keywords and topics that will interest your customers. Use PPC to complement your organic strategy, creating ads for key demographics on social media or for important terms on Google where you might otherwise struggle to rank.

Finally, strengthen your relationship with past site users via email. Use segmented email lists that allow you to target different groups of potential customers based on interests, pain points, and their place in the buyer’s journey.

When it comes to maintaining and building your organization in the face of the rapidly changing business climate, SEO and digital marketing will remain your cornerstone. Consider the advice above and see how you can put these ideas to work to create a strong strategy for your organization. If you’re a beginner and not fully aware of a solid place to start with your SEO efforts contact WAGS Media Collective! We have years of experience in local SEO with proven results!